I’m coming back…

Well let’s be honest… I’ve kinda been a little lazy this year with ole Simply Clairety.  BUT I’m coming back.  To kick things off, why not put up an old outfit post I meant to post back in the fall? Just to keep things fresh…

leopard and greengold accessoriessimply clairetycozy cream sweaterLet’s start at the top and end at the bottom… Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Scarf: Tuesday Morning (seriously though). Accessories: Vintage, Ronaldo Coin, Michael Kors, David Yurman. Sweater: Vintage Christian Dior (from GOODWILL). Pants: Top Shop. Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff. Booties: Frye.  Photography — the amazingly talented Meredith Mashburn.

I am super excited to be working with my dear friend Maura Dawn in the next couple weeks… so keep checking back in!






last minute christmas gifts

Having trouble Christmas shopping for that person that’s impossible to buy for? Don’t want to spend a ton of money? AND you want them to remember the true meaning of Christmas? Well I’m here to help.

Send one these prints to kinko’s, print them off (won’t be more than $2), stop by Hobby Lobby, pick out your favorite frame (usually always 50% off) and put a bow on it and call it a day.

psalms 45:11


isaiah 49:15-16


wandering heart


let's run away


Happy Christmas!




12 Days of Christmas | The Small Seed

This Christmas season is already hectic, and if I’m being honest it was hectic long before Thanksgiving. I work for an ecommerce company, and I am constantly pushing people to buy more, convince people that they need some new product, and pouring out the “best” holiday deals out there. It’s not that I’m saying you shouldn’t take advantage of the great bargains out there, or splurge a little to surprise your loved ones. I’m just honestly admitting to myself (and anyone reading this) that the struggle to remember the true meaning of Christmas is real, maybe more real than ever…..

To read the rest of this post (and for some free printables and a GIVEAWAY) head on over to The Small Seed blog.

o come let us adore him


Liz Jensen, author and owner of The Small Seed, reached out to me not too long ago, and I am so grateful she did.  Her blog truly is what she says it hopes to be, “A place where you can find daily encouragement, strength and inspiration.” Every single one of her posts are faith driven, and always point towards the Gospel. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Happy Christmas!



christmas time

It’s officially Christmas time.  My co-workers are no longer allowed to yell at me for playing Christmas music (Aly & AJ Greatest Time of Year is my favorite btw), decorations are in full swing, and Christmas prints are all I want to create.

While I do love shopping, decorating, and embracing everything red and green, this year I have been challenged and convicted to remind myself daily the true meaning of Christmas.

a little more light

Be a light this Christmas.



the perfect tee (GIVEAWAY & winner!)

Some work days I feel like going all out with those perfect pumps and that clean-cut blazer, other work days all I want to wear is that perfect tee and a cozy sweater.  I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can do both no matter what the day. What does “Casual Friday” actually mean anyways?

I will admit, whenever I do wear a casual t-shirt to work, I like to dress it up a little.  See…

t-shirt outfitAnother great thing about this look is that it is almost all from local stores in Fayetteville.  This fun “y’all” shirt is from The Party House of NWA (psst.. scroll down, you could win one!) The necklaces are handmade by Chain Crochet (aka, the ever so talented, Carson). Chain Crochet is available in-store at Party House now! The sweater overlay is from Riffraff. The bag is Rebecca Minkoff, from Country Outfitter (in store only). The jeans are those really comfy and cheap jeans from F21 (only $10.80!).

t-shirt giveawaySo want to win this t-shirt or one kind of like it? Here’s what you have to do (it’s easy, I promise)…

1. Like Party House on Facebook here.

2. Follow them on Instagram here.

3. Share this post via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest (share buttons are below).

4. Comment and let me know you have entered!

Pretty easy right? We all deserve a comfy cute t-shirt day, especially when it’s as southern as you can get.  I’ll announced the winner in a couple of weeks! Good luck, and get to sharing y’all!




Judith & James

Led by Love. Pursued by Joy. Inspired by Hope.

A dear friend of mine has a story like no other.  This little blog post will do it no justice, but I will try my hardest. (there might be a little, ok a lot, of copying and pasting as I am short on time to get this posted)

Anna TaylorI’ve known Anna Taylor since we were in middle school.  I have loved getting to watch this story unfold.  Here’s where the copying and pasting begins…

“While a student at the University of Arkansas, Anna Taylor founded Judith & James with the vision to use her creative abilities and experience in the fashion industry to eradicate poverty among women in Nairobi, Kenya.

Anna first moved to Kenya with her family in 2007 and spent several years in the Nairobi slums helping widows and orphans. In 2010, a Kenyan leader in the slums introduced Anna to a skilled unemployed seamstress, Judith (the company’s namesake). Anna designed custom pieces and hired Judith to sew these designs for friends and family in the United States. Each piece produced sold quickly at a competitive retail price.

Judith & James

In 2012, Anna showcased twenty of her pieces in Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. Her collection debut was a resounding success, and demand for Judith & James clothing rapidly increased. In September 2013, Anna debuted the Judith & James Spring/Summer 2014 Collection in New York Fashion Week at the Helen Mills Event Space.

Anna launched Judith & James to market high fashion produced in the Nairobi slums to the global audience.”

And tomorrow… It’s all going to be able to SHOP ONLINE! Just another exciting piece to this amazing story.  Beautiful, unique fashion, with a story.

Read more about Judith & James and go crazy shopping tomorrow, HERE!

Judith & James




our greatest need


, ,

A few years ago I joined a Bible study with a few good friends and one great leader.  I jumped in sort of in the middle, but quickly shed my outsider coat and was immediately part of the family.  A few girls left, a few girls joined, but the bond still held.  These good friends became best friends, and that great leader went from a beautiful stranger to a part-time therapist to a best friend as well.

After reading through the gospels last year (aloud btw), we weren’t exactly sure what to study/how we were going to top an experience like that. Meg (the great leader/beautiful stranger/bff) threw out the idea of a David Platt book, Follow Me.  I’ve read parts of his book Radical, and was honestly a little nervous about what this book, with a serious command in the title, might entail.  Meg had warned us that this book would challenge and, more importantly, convict us.

It has.  Only in the 4th chapter, I have been forced to look at my insides and outs, the little things and the big things, and everywhere in between.  Conviction is hard, but it’s good.  So good.

David Platt QuoteThis quote is easier to read and say you understand it, than to actually live by it.  But what a great reminder.  Simple, yet powerful, and completely filled with truth.

Print it off (8×10), make it your desktop/phone background, or just look at it.  A little helpful and happy reminder.  If you’re interested in reading this book, you should check it out here, on Givington’s.  With every purchase, they donate to a cause of your choice.  Read more about Givington’s and their story here.





calendars and WINNER!


, ,

I’ve been wanting to make these calendars for a while… and I finally did a few last night.  I have also been meaning to pick a winner for a while…. woopsies. Sorry about that!  Anyways.. Here are the calendars.  Feel free to print them off and switch them out! I will add more soon…

october calendar

november calendar

december calendarWhat a happy way to start each month.

And the winner for the Riffraff necklace giveaway is MEG BEFORT! She was chosen at random.. even included a screenshot to prove it.  Couldn’t be happier!

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 12.01.47 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-14 at 12.02.22 PM



(P.S. Be sure to go check out Riffraff’s new fall lookbook here.  It’s pretty pretty.)

a “love”ly little print

Sometimes we all need a little happy to get us through the day.  Whether it’s a brand new purse, a graphic tee from Forever 21, or a Great American sugar cookie, sometimes we all just need a little “happy.”

So today for my “happy,” I bought a lot of food at the grocery store, finished my meal off with a chocolate pudding cup, and then I made this.

lovely floral print

Maybe it can be your “happy” for today.  Fit’s in an 8×10 frame.

Also.. enter my giveaway [here] for a chance to win a necklace from Riffraff.





outfit post & necklace GIVEAWAY


, ,

This might be one of my favorite outfits for several reasons…

white blouse and boyfriend jeans

1. It’s easy. Distressed jeans and a white button down. You can always switch out the necklace or shoes for a different look.

2. It’s comfortable.  There’s nothing too tight, or too constricting about this outfit.  The boyfriend fit jeans are key.

3. These shoes are just great and go with everything (from Riffraff).

4. Many more reasons…

5. This necklace is a GIVEAWAY! YAY!

necklace giveawayThis necklace is from the one and only Riffraff.  It’s called the Blake Necklace in Navy and can be found here. It’s the PERFECT necklace for transitioning into fall and will keep you going till spring.  It has touches of black and brown, so it can go with anything.  AND it has just enough color to keep you not so boring. Lucky for you I’m giving it away! See below how to enter…

easy outfit + kate spade

The blouse is from Forever 21. I don’t think they have it anymore online, but just search white blouse and you’ll find plenty! These jeans were a steal from Gap when they had their huge sale.

kate spade clutch that's the last strawThis fun little clutch is Kate Spade and is on sale here! Kate Spade’s call to action clutches and totes always make me smile.  They’re fun and different.  They stand out from your normal black clutch, and they are great conversation starters!

kate spade clutch that's the last straw

One more pic because I love it that much, and my photographer Meredith is amazing.

So do you want to win this great necklace from Riffraff? Here’s what you have to do..

1. Like Riffraff on Facebook.

2. Share this post via Facebook and/or Twitter. (pssstt.. I’ll give you an extra entry if you do both!)

3. Comment and let me know you did those things!

BONUS: I’ll give you another entry if you pin your favorite picture on pinterest!

I’ll pick a winner in about two weeks! Last time I gave you an exact date I failed… So… Good luck!!




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